An open letter to dance students!

An open letter to dance students: (well really any students anywhere...ever)

Dear Students:

GOOD teachers, like myself work hard for you. We made the mistakes for

you, we are thoughtful in our design of a class, both physically and

mentally. We work hard to deliver a class that is geared towards you, that

serves you so you may soar as a professional mover. A GOOD teacher

knows that we cannot cater to your moods or emotional turmoil , because

in reality, your boss most definitely won’t. A GOOD teacher has removed

their own egos from the equation, we are here because we have a passion

for our chosen field, we understand that sometimes it’s not wether we

choose dance, but in reality, if DANCE CHOOSES YOU. a GOOD teacher

understands this and will guide you in the direction of finding your own epic


It is however not in our job description to convince you to be there, it is not

in my job description to inspire you, the inspiration should come from the

very passion we exude towards you, from the very moment you see us

move, we are in this together. Please remember, It is YOUR JOB TO

INSPIRE, first your choreographers, then your audience..

Your training is the only moment that is for you... don’t waste this moment!

A GOOD teacher is preparing you for the demands of the REAL WORLD. A

GOOD teacher is strengthening you mentally and emotionally for the time

when we ( or your parents) cannot be there to put you back together in a

rehearsal with a choreographer who is perhaps a little stressed or insecure

or who has a hit a creative wall. A GOOD teacher expects you to take

ownership of your mistakes, acknowledge and process your corrections so

that you leave with a strong and lasting sense of integrity for your art form.

A GOOD teacher sets very high expectations for you and will not lie to you

when you fall, but will give you the tools to figure out how to recover. A

GOOD teacher understands that honesty is sometimes the only way to


A GOOD teacher has off days too...we are human, we are tired, we are

sore, we are sad, we are just like you, but without all the excuses!

A GOOD teacher does not draw inspiration from teaching a brick wall, but

from live, breathing, thinking, moving, expressive bodies- understand that

you get out of a class what you put into it!

A GOOD teacher needs your support too... You only have to worry about

yourself in class, we have to be aware and focused and concerned and

adaptive to 25-40 of you in one class, and many times.... a hundred in a

day! Think on that, imagine yourself responsible for the artistic, emotional,

physical and mental wellbeing of that many human souls.... and often

without any days off, because we love it, we love dance, we respect and

care deeply for YOU! I request that you respect us, our time, the space and

the hurdles and sacrifices we all had to make to be in this


Do not assume from us the same as your friends, your parents or your

siblings. Healthy, respectful boundaries are set up between us for a reason.

a GOOD teacher will be able to tell who you need us to be to lay your

foundation for a magnificent future.

And even when we are screaming and yelling to get you to focus and stay

alert, switching between praising, chastising, and pushing you to places

you never dreamed were possible... a GOOD teacher will remind you that

you must try not to take it personally, You cannot predict which

personalities you will work with in the real world, but we can.

A GOOD teacher knows that life does not always facilitate harmony and

comfort and sometimes we have to push you to be uncomfortable,

otherwise you would never have moved...

A THOUGHTFUL student knows that a GOOD TEACHER is doing it all for

YOU! #anopenlettertodancestudents #dancers #dancestudents #danceteachers


Bradley Shelver

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