How your artists will be effectd by Covid-19

In this crazy uncertain, but almost expected time of a worldwide Pandemic, all "essential" employees has been limited to working from home. What about the thousands of dancers, actors, musicians, singers, stage hands, wardrobe, dressers, make-up technicians, technical crews and stage directors that are now left unemployed and displaced because of COVID-19?

A "force majeure" clause (French for "superior force") is a contract provision that relieves the parties from performing their contractual obligations when certain circumstances beyond their control arise, making performance inadvisable, commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible. As for many artists that, like myself, are hourly paid, there is no provision made for the remainder of our contracts and we are left out in the cold.

I myself was expecting to continue my contract as a dancer with the Metropolitain Opera Ballet in NYC, as well as teaching dance for many notable schools. However we have all be sent home, schools closed, theaters dark and money on the verge of running dry.

How does one come out of this without mounds of debt, and how quickly will the community bounce back? since this is affecting everyone financially on a global scale, even when things reopen, will parents have the money to send their kids to summer programs? Will our audiences have the means to come to our shows again?

The interesting thing is that humanity will need the arts more than ever af this global crisis. Its not called, "Arts and Humanities" for nothing... I would say that art is related to humanities because many artists use some type of art form to express how they're feeling about the world around them. Whether it's music, painting, poetry or writing, “art” allows an artist an opportunity to depict how they feel. Many artists are observers and can be intuitive. In these moments of isolation and "Self Quarantine" , every manner of entertainment is being harnessed to make the hours and days pass. Even us unemployed entertainers are making live streamed videos of ballet classes and vocal warm-ups to stay motivated, and provide support for our friends that are going stir crazy because we are unable to move or express ourselves. In this world where everyone is out for themselves and taking care of themselves, as i have often told my young students, artists are the last hope for man kind, offering a constant reminder to the world of the incredible resiliance of humanity and the creative potential in us all. #covid19 #reliefforartists #dancersemergencyfunds #coronavirusartistsrelieffunds #resourcesfordancers #resourcesforperformingartists

Below are some links to resources for artists in time of need, and for those that support them...

AGMA Union Resource Fund

Craft Emergency Relief Fund

Freelance Artists Relief

Rauschenburg Emergency Grants for Visial Artists and Choreographers

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grants

NYFA Emergency Grants

Actors Fund Entertainment Assistance Program

Musicians Foundation Emergency Grants

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