• Limòn Institute- Ballet (Present).

  • ABT Certified Ballet teacher (Primary ro Level 3)

  • Dance Academy Russia, St Petersburg- Horton and Limon faculty 2020

  • Boston Conservatory, Modern and Ballet guest faculty (2019)

  • Hinton Battle Dance Academy, Tokyo, Japan- Modern Faculty. October 20- Present.

  • Joffrey Ballet School (NYC and San Francisco) 2014- Present- Contemporary Ballet and Modern Faculty

  • LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts (NYC)  2014 Ballet Faculty

  • American Ballet Theater/ JKO School (NYC) 2014 - Present  Modern Faculty

  • Alteballeto Festival ( Reggio Emillia, Italy) 2008 - Guest teacher/Choreographer

  • Phoenix Dance Theater (UK) - Company teacher 2007/2008 season.

  • University of Brockport (New York) 2005- Guest Faculty

  • Scuola de danza Mima Testa (Rome)- Permanent Guest teacher.

  • Alvin Ailey School- N.Y (Horton/ Limon/ Ballet) – Actors studio as well as Professional Division, BFA, Ailey Extension( 2000- present)

  • Regional Dance America Conference- (Texas) 2010 , Horton Technique

  • Blich Performing Arts School (Tel Aviv, Israel) - Guest teacher 2011/2012

  • Brazilian Congress of Modern Dance (Rio de Janeiro) 2011 and 2012/ 2014- Horton

  • Bartholin International Ballet Seminar (Royal Theater, Copenhagen) (2008 and 2009)

  • Crossing Boarders (Israel) - Contemporary Workshops and Master classes.(2008)

  • Millennium School 2000(London) Guest Faculty

  • 2006 London Contemporary Dance (UK)- Guest Faculty (professional division)

  • Matthew Bourne's New Adventures in Motion Pictures- Company Teacher BAM 2007 (Edward Scissor Hands), City Center 2010 (Swan lake)

  • Ials Academy- (Rome) Guest Faculty

  • STEPS on Broadway- Faculty member since 2005

  • Encore Dance Academy- New Jersey (Ballet, Hip Hop, Aerobics and Yoga)

  • National School of the Arts ( South Africa)- Pilate’s, Horton and Ballet

  • Le-Gal Dance and Fitness Center- South Africa (Aerobics, Horton, Pilate’s, Yoga, Ballet and Hip Hop)

  • Company teacher for Elisa Monte Dance Co..- New York

  • New Jersey Dance Theater- Guest faculty- Modern, Ballet and Pilates/Yoga (2003)

  • Oure Sports School (Denmark) Permanent Guest faculty- Horton and Limon Department

  • Ballet Etudes (Connecticut) Modern Faculty .Director ; Nanette Vallas

  • Sardegna, (Italy) Permanent Guest Teacher

  • Labart Academy (Naploi) Permanent Guest faculty

  • Conducted Workshops in Universities and Schools around the US, Guadeloupe, South Africa and Europe- Hampton University (Virginia, USA) , Berkley University- (California, US)as well as Salerno, Naples, Cosenza, Reggio Calabria




New York, NY 10128